Jewelled Chain Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal 11 Colours


Sparkling silver plated chain, set with Swarovski crystal in a choice of eleven gorgeous colours:
Amethyst Just like its purple gemstone namesake.
Aquamarine Light sky blue.
Black Diamond Sophisticated mid grey.
Blue Zircon Vibrant mid turquoise blue/green.
Crystal Clear.
Emerald Just like its green gemstone namesake.
Peridot Just like its green gemstone namesake.
Rose Perfect mid pink.
Sapphire Intense mid cornflower blue.
Siam Deep, rich, true red.
Tanzanite Mid violet purple.

Lovely worn on its own or to add a little sparkle to others worn with it. Fastens with a sterling silver bolt ring clasp.

Size: Small 18cm; Medium 19.5cm; Large 21cm. Crystal Size: 6mm (diameter).

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